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Mobile phone providers and carriers in the Netherlands are as varied as the phones and cell phone plans they sell. In order to get the very best deal for you, offers you an overview of providers and carriers to help you choose ‘the right one’. This can make all the difference in the world. wants to help expats and visitors to get a better understanding of the telecom sector in the Netherlands and help them to choose the correct cell phone plan and provider. Therefore, we offer information on comparing and selecting mobile subscriptions for anyone who is not yet familiar with the Dutch telecom sector. We strive to be transparent and impartial to provide a clear overview to anyone who visits our website.


Mobile + subscription

Anyone who arrives in the Netherlands might be overwhelmed by the extensive offer of providers and carriers. What kind of subscription do you need? Will you be able to keep your own telephone number or do you need to get a new one? Are you going to buy a new cellphone? Is your phone GSM compatible and unlocked?

compare sim-only

Sim only

If you don’t need to get a new phone, because your phone is already compatible with the subscription of your wishes, you can choose to buy a sim only subscription. The cost of a sim only subscription is lower than a subscription with a phone, due to the fact that you do not have the additional monthly costs of a phone.



With a prepaid plan the buyer pays for calls, Internet and text messages in advance. The prepaid user purchases a SIM card with a certain credit and activates it. The user only pays for the actual use, thus there are no subscription fees, no setup fees and no other additional fees.

A mobile subscription or a new phone is not something you should rush into. So it’s always good to find out in advance what your options are and what things you need to pay extra attention too. On we give you tips on how to do this best. You’ll be aware of how the telecom sector works in the Netherlands and you will be able to make an informed choice.


4G stands for “fourth generation” and is the successor to 3G. 3G is still the standard technology in the field of mobile Internet on many smartphones, however in the Netherlands people are increasingly making more use of 4G. More information regarding 4G can be found here.


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